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Amara™ Macaron Glass Table Lamp

Amara™ Macaron Glass Table Lamp

Unlock the magic of a cozy, ambient glow with our trichromatic, eye-friendly lamp that uplifts your living space effortlessly.
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  • 💡 Enhanced Brightness
  • 🌈 Colorful Ambiance
  • 👀 Eye-Care Lighting
  • 🛌 Perfect Bedside Companion
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" Just upgraded my bedroom with this lamp and WOW! The dimming feature is total game-changer for setting the perfect mood, plus it's super stylish. Really love the modern vibe it has given to the room! "
Jessica A.
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Struggling with dim and dull lighting at home? ✨

Banish the shadows with the Egg Tart Bedside Brightness Bliss Lamp! With its upgraded design featuring more light beads, this lamp casts a brilliant glow, banishing dullness from every corner. Its new trichromatic dimming feature lets you adjust the mood - whether you’re curling up with a book or hosting a dreamy dinner party, your lighting is sure to impress.

Elevate your home’s vibe with vibrant lighting 🌟

More than just a source of light, our Egg Tart Lamp is a statement piece. The blend of high-quality iron and glass manifests in a dazzling glass macaron design, bringing a unique touch to your décor. From soothing blues to warm hues, choose the palette that reflects your style and watch your space transform.

Eye strain from harsh lighting? Not anymore! 🌙

Your eyes deserve as much care as your decor. That's why we've designed the Egg Tart Lamp with eye protection in mind. Its gentle, adjustable light reduces glare and strain, ensuring your late-night reading or work sessions are comfortably lit, promoting a healthier, more enjoyable light experience.

Our elegant lamp in use...